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Joining the  Rotary Club of Holon

Leaders by nature?

Interested in giving back to the community and creating business and community ventures?


The Rotary club of Holon is looking for you!

We know that you are busy and can contribute your skills and connections for the sake of the community in Holon, so we would like to meet with you.

The members who will be accepted will enjoy the benefits of belonging to a business, community and social club and a connection to a community of entrepreneurs with a national and international distribution.

Scope of activities​


The club plans and accompanies projects for the well-being of the community and improving the quality of life in Holon and beyond.
Leveraging the connections of club members for the sake of community activities accelerates ventures whose central motif is to create value for the community.

Local & International

Club social programs/activities.

Relations  with clubs worldwide to harness the members potential for the benefit of all communities.

Leveraging the international ties of club members, enables the creation of community ventures as well as an opening for business opportunities


Club members with management and organizational skills, come from all areas of practice in the private and public sectors.

  Club members use their connections on the business level and are assisted by the Rotary organization's national and international network.

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Interested in joining the club?

Contact us and tell us a little about yourself
The members' admission committee will contact you for an extensive explanation of activities, the goals of the club and the coordination of an introductory meeting.

If you find a match, a joint decision will be made on your acceptance as a member of the club.

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