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Club events

April 22 program

 15.10.23 יום א' 20:00 במדיטק. ישיבה עסקית

 8.10.23 יום א' 16:30 הדר 27, באר יעקב. סיור ביחידת הפרשים במשטרת ישראל . 

 22.10.23 יום א' 20:00 במדיטק.50 שנה ל"יום כיפור" -נחמיה שרעבי - קרב החווה הסינית

 29.10.23 יום א' 20:00 במדיטק. ביקור הנגיד

תצפית כוכבים עם משה גלנץ-ירוחם 3.23.jpg

The Holon mayor's shield was awarded to Moshe Horn

At the annual ceremony sponsored by Moti Sasson, Mayor of Holon, our aforementioned friend Moshe Horn received The mayor's shield for his many years of activity in helping the community and especially in the Lazarus Community Center.  

מקום ראשון אשכולי מרץ 23_edited_edited.jpg

Young Speaker Competition

Competitions have been held at Ashalim and Niv Elementary Schools and Eilon High School over the past few weeks.

A long-term concluding competition was held at Mediateque in the presence of a large audience and the students' parents - the excitement was at its peak! 

טקס סיום המגשר הצעיר-רביבים 1.jpg

The Holon Rotary Club met in preparation for Rosh Hashana 5752.

Rabbi Gorlik, director of the Chabad House in Holon, greeted those present with a glass in honor of the new year and wished success to the club's activities in the community.

For Rosh Hashana 5752

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